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Harry Potter Layout

Harry Potter is our newest layout and opened in the Spring of 2012. The engine is a Lionel 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, modified by adding an Aristocraft Revolution system with the generic steam sound and speakers. We have also added a lithium ion battery to the tender for power and have modified two LGB passenger cars to form the train.

This single track oval layout is the only location in the park where kids of all ages can run the train. The engineers are entrusted with the duty of taking the train around the layout once and stopping it in front of the station so Harry and his friends don't have far too walk to the castle. Given the fact that the Aristocraft Revolution has momentum built into the controller software, this is not always an easy feat!

The Harry Potter layout attempts to showcase many of the features of the JK Rowan series - and our creative members have outdone themselves!

Hogwarts Castle from the front Hogwarts Castle from back

Close-up of the window details

A bridge to the towers Tower detail Quidditch Playing Field
Hagrid's House Hogwart's Station Houses on Privet Drive
A resting dragon in the Forbidden Forest An angry dragon Hagrid's dragon eggs
The Enchanted Car in the Whomping Willow Young enginners waiting their turn to run the Hogwart Express A flowery version of the Enchanted Forest




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