Medford Garden Railroaders


Rock Lizard River Line

(Est. 2002)
CEO: Michael Leib CFO: Marshan Leib
Grants Pass, OR (Murphy Area)

The RLRL is a short line running between the mythical towns of Pferdl and Broomhilldah in the Applegate River area of the Siskiyou Mountains.  The setting is 1939-40.  Broomhilldah is a logging and mining town which began in the 1880s.  Pferdl was established in the early 1900s and is the more affluent town, partially because of its access to water, and it is the home of the RLRL.

The layout consists of 300 feet of powered track and 11 electric switches, spanning 100 feet of hillside.  The Pferdl end is a modified figure”8” with mountains and passes, a tunnel, water feature, live forest, switch yard and bridges.  A spur coming off of a “wye” spans 75 feet to Broomhilldah and reverses through a balloon track.  Just outside of the town a switchback spur heads up to the gold mine, forest (above Pferdl) and the open pit coal mine.

The five steam locomotives and much of the rolling stock are the property of the RLRL and are identified as such.  All buildings (over 40) and structures are scratch built. Dwarf Alberta Spruce, various boxwood sp., sedum sp., and thyme sp. make up about 85% of the plantings.  In addition, there are many scenic vignettes along the route.





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